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29 July 2010 @ 12:37 am
Thirty Days of Bleach: Day Seventeen  
Q: Your OTP (One True Pairing)

Oh come on now... [internet gave up after a while, so you'll have to guess what I'm talking about haha]
Juice box, done beautifully in the anime - I still squee over it. It's such a simple gesture, but... so adorable, in some way.


Lockstep. The slow motion shot... how deep an impression these words left on Ichigo still resonate throughout the manga, even now, years later - to the point where Ichigo can recite this same speech, almost word for word. It just shows how much he can depend on her for comfort - not pity.

"I don't need these emotions."//Goodbye. This was something that impressed me in the anime. I kept watching it as she said, "Jealousy, friendship, love... I don't need any of these things." And I was thinking, at that point, that Rukia knows full well that she could fall in love with Ichigo. It wouldn't have been brought up otherwise. That farewell, through tears and rain... just heartbreaking. The fact that she had to kick him away was a tearjerker - she had to hurt him, physically, and tear his heart out to save him, if only for a few more moments... or so she thought.

Those are my lines. Rukia reciting stories of the real world to Hanatarou - the way that she spoke about him, and only him, says volumes. Ichigo's reaction is similarly telling. He remembers these incidents as well, and perhaps looks upon them with the same emotions. She could have talked about anything - missing her childhood, wondering what had happened to Renji...

I can't look at you. The bridge scene, in which he flies up to rescue her, but walks right past her. It makes my heart stop. It's such a beautifully tense moment, and then he steps in, heroic and manly to save her. Of course, Rukia won't sit back and swallow this turn of events without a fight.

You're really here. After saying thank yous, and a final goodbye, Ichigo appears with a phoenix hot on his tail. It was breath-taking and romantic.

The rain stopped. A farewell at sunset. He understands that he can't be selfish and demand that she go home with him, because he knows that Rukia now has family to turn to in Soul Society. She needs time to heal.

Yeah, I'm really here. The window appearance. It was such a spectacular reunion, I loved it.

The man in my heart. I don't need to say much else. I watched this episode a few times over. Also for the music. xD

This is home. The family's reaction to Rukia's official presence is priceless.

And I stopped breathing. Who can forget Trifle?

You're not alone. Rukia finally catches up to Ichigo in his personal battle with Grimmjow... and afterwards takes him to see the Visoreds, and stays by his side at home.

If only to stand at your side. Ichigo doesn't want to separate from the others... or is it Rukia? I loved the way Renji stepped in, and the way that Rukia doesn't stand back at all.

Reunion. Their big moment after Ichigo's fall on the dome. I love how she saw straight through him.

... Fade to Black, I Call Your Name.

Glow. [I'm so glad I met you]

... They're the reason why I continue to love Bleach. I have hope for IchiRuki. I love the chemistry.... absolutely gorgeous.

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Thirty Days of Bleach
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GDashalee18 on July 29th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
=) Ahh without Rukia, I wouldn't even watch Bleach.
I have nothing to add.