Watashi no koto... suki desu ka?

... Aishiteru.

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My LJ is friends only- if you'd like to be added, comment on the friends-only post. Once there, you'll be able to read about some of my life, thoughts about movies and TV shows - especially anime, and manga, random music downloads and little ficlets I don't post anywhere else. However, most posts are left open for at least a week (personal posts) and at most two weeks or a bit more (icon posts, fanfiction, etc).

A bit about me? I enjoy reading shounen and seinen manga, although I'm a self confessed drama addict (which incorporates a lot of shoujo elements since the ones I watch are, well, based on shoujo manga). I like British humour - my hero is Dylan Moran and my current obsession is Noel Fielding. I love listening to semi-alternative bands and mellow music, although I have recently gotten into Porno Graffitti's extensive discography (which spans a lot of genres). I love both thought provoking, subtle films and no-brainer action movies, although I detest the 'frustrating-everything-goes-absolutely-wrong' type of comedy. I have a tendency to paint my nails different colours on a weekly basis - a habit that started years ago when I was trying to stop myself from gnawing them off. It's worked. I am HTML impaired. I wear glasses. I like coffee and dark chocolate. I find it frustratingly easy to break headphones.

Tanya Lilac is not my real name. Call me Kat.

[15th February 2010]

IchiRuki Mood theme by escarboucle, found at ichi_ruki Comm.

Oh, and by the way - evaline_x, my open journal dedicated to completing fanfic100's 100 themes challenge for Yadomaru Lisa and Muguruma Kensei - is almost up and running.

[14th June 2010]

shoujo_m is also running now as a translation blog -- see the posts @ scandal_baby XD currently, it's SCANDAL-blog centric but in the future, who knows...? XD

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